Why a Pre-Wedding Photography Session is Essential?

  • Mansi
  • April 21, 2018

The pre-wedding shoot helps you connect with your photographer in different ways; like firstly you develop a good rapport with your photographer, in case if you are hiring the same person for your wedding shoot it becomes easier for the couple and the photographer to understand each other’s requirements and choice. The couple will feel more comfortable with his shooting style in the wedding. This is the future advantages of a pre-wedding shoot but the best part is that you also get to know more about each other as a couple; the characters, compatibility between the both, about each other’s choices, styles and more importantly about how affectionate you are with your partner. This helps to create a suitable environment that will enhance the romance between the couple; which is very important in case of an arranged marriage. The pre-wedding shoot benefits the couple and spices up their romantic times. The couple happily reminisces their love and the chemistry with this pre-wedding shoot. .

Now, the creative photographers and couples have come up with various concepts; there are so many various concepts that we find a trouble in selecting one. There are five most popular concepts that couples prefer the most.

The Traditional

The traditional concept is the one where the couple delves into the roots of their culture and displays their heritage through the photos. The couples wear their traditional attires and this look is suitable for the ones having a traditional wedding.

The Glamorous

The glamorous concept includes wearing fancy and pretty dresses with a grand location in the background. Basically, the couples go for this concept who wants to enjoy their elegance, sophistication and fancy attire.

The Casual

Just how the glamorous is a fancy affair, the casual is exactly the opposite of it. The casual concept is the one where the couples do not get all fancy but rather keep it low key simple with their attires and location. The theme is based usually for an invite picture or for simple memories. The causal the concept is the decent the photography looks. The couples use different themes for their shoots like; their first meeting, the first proposal or simply the good memorable times together pictured all in one concept. The actual concept is to not make it very pose-y and unnatural the people nowadays prefer this the most.

The Thematic

The thematic concept is generally based on a particular theme that the couples like. This concept has a specific theme that both the partners have chosen to be the concept of the wedding. This theme evokes a sense of particular scene or concept that is closest to heart.

The Indigenous

The indigenous is a concept that has become quite famous in the recent times. This depicts the candid pictures of the couple just having a good time together or about their daily activities. The couple decides a picnic spot or actually have an outing together and trusts the photographer to take their pictures of the time spent together.