Wedding Photography Packages

What is a wedding? Just a union of two people? NO! A wedding is much beyond that. It is a life changing and life turning event in every person’s life. To be a part of somebody’s day to day life and spend your entire life with that person is a task in itself. But, the best part is when you are ready to be with someone through all thick and thins and every ups and down in every facet of life is called a marriage. To enter into this beautiful journey or a union a ceremony is being held to celebrate the great beginning of a new life which is called wedding. Wedding story teller’s photography packages This auspicious day needs to be celebrated in all ways and we make sure to capture all the precious moments of your big day. We provide all marriage service that includes wedding photography, pre- wedding photography, reception photography and other marriage ceremony photography. Our wedding packages include the following price:

Total Package of Rs. 72,000/- for half day event which includes the following:

Total Package of Rs. 1,00,000/- for full day event which includes the following:

  • Traditional Photography
  • Traditional Videography
  • Candid Photography
  • Cinematographer
  • Karizma Album Size 12 x 36 – Total – 30 Pages [Approx. 300 Photos]

These are the price we charge for our wedding photography services that isRs. 72,000/-for half day service including traditional photographs, traditional videography, candid photographs and a cinematographer. The same package for full day service includesRs. 1,00,000/- The price for our marriage service is mentioned above.

We are well experienced and passionate about our work and providing the best quality to our customers. We make no compromise in our service, quality and professionality. Taking photographs is not just our profession but passion. We take no longer time in processing photographs and try to deliver them to our clients as soon as possible. We promise to cover every little detail of the marriage rites and other events. We promise not just to provide the photographs of each wedding rites but also every single marital thing including décor to food. Our main aim is the happiness of our clients and we believe in working as family and not just a professional. The packages that we provide are unique and extraordinary. As we believe, to make your wedding not just a matrimony ceremony but to make it a memory of lifetime. We deliver the matrimony photographs is a unique and creative way. The matrimony photographs and videography is magnificent and delightful to watch. The quality of our photographs and video is not just splendid but is professionally accustomed. The Karizma Album of Size 12 x 36 has its beauty persisting. Water proof and scratch proof the Karizma album is exquisitely attractive with crystal clear pictures and gorgeous designs. The packages not only include full day and half day wedding photography but we also take customized orders on any particular assignments. The other services that we provide are the K cameras and never compromise on the quality of our gadgets. We are passionate about our technology advancements and constantly upgrade our gear, to produce stunning imaging and cinematography using high definition and 4 K cameras. Our matrimony photographs collection is widely expanded and graceful. Just like icing on your wedding cake we give a personal photo booth where images of your guests are captured and developed on the spot with amazingly designed frames. The background studio and the pros are like the cherry on the top. Our other services include drones that capture an aerial view of the wedding. Our professional staff controller that is well experienced in capturing a still video or imaging, the event will be eye catching and memorable. We make the best of our services and not just focuses on the couple marry but take care to cover the minor details. We portray your wedding scenes in a way that when you see the photographs of the wed or watch the video you reminisce every memory again. One will always feel the worth of the price that is spent on our services and packages. We promise to make your every Rs. worth the cost. Wedding is a fairytale that every person wants to live in their life. Right in the middle of your ordinary life, there comes a change and that gives you a feeling of living a fairytale. The idea of spending your entire life with a special person you love is not just beautiful but also adventurous. A marriage shows every facet of life and a ride of emotions. To us photography is an art of observation, we believe in finding a story in the most ordinary things. We care about our clients and their matrimony celebrations more than our lenses. We are compassionate about the quality and the service that we provide. Our main focus is to provide good service in affordable price. Our packages are a complete bunch of every kind of photography you need. The matrimony tradition is something we believe in and provide a full service and coverage of every little ritual that has been performed in the wedding ceremony. For us your wedding day is not just another ordinary daybut it is equally important for us as it is to our clients. The wedding is a lifelong ride and we make it possible for our couples to travel through it with a satisfactory service. We provide a quality that you tend to reminisce your wedding day every time you go down the memory lane through the photographs, video and album. Thus, above is the description of our photography packages and we believe in providing the service worth the price that we charge for our wedding packages. We make your wedding photographs historic, unforgettable and remarkable. Book us for your wedding ceremony and let the happiness begin.