The Lie of Candid Wedding Photography in India.

  • Mansi
  • April 23, 2018

Candid photography is referred to as a term where a photograph is taken when the person is performing a routine task and is unaware of the picture taken. It can also be referred as a picture taken in any particular occasion where the person is simply dancing, eating, talking or just standing but is unaware of the photo. Such pictures are usually termed as candid photos. This trend basically started with the pre-wedding shoot. The pre-wedding photo shoot was actually meant to be a shot for an engagement in the foreign countries where they do not have a ritual and a ceremony for engagement. Therefore, the couples started a pre-wedding or an engagement photo shoot as a memory. Slowly this trend followed in India and within few years this trend became the most important part of the wedding. The pre-wedding shoot has now been a major part of every wedding, sangeet or reception's background and more importantly the wedding invitation. This is how the trend of candids came into the knowing and ever since then it has been there ever since. But after all what is a wedding photography? It is nothing but a documentary. But in any Indian context the facts are completely different. The major part of any documentary photography is the original moments captured in the photos and not just the prettiness. But people now days want their photos to be pretty, whether they look real or authentic are not their concern. The couples also prefer to have the candid pictures to beautiful.

The bridal photos like the pictures taken when the bride is applying makeup or getting ready for the wedding are actually not candid and just a set up or a pose for the photo. Almost all the bridal candid pictures taken during her makeup are just some photos clicked after the entire make u is applied. For example just a brush is held on the cheek or applying a lipstick where in fact the makeup is already done and the photo looks fake, not candid. A candid picture is supposed to mean a photo has to be taken when the makeup is actually in process and after the bride is completely ready with and the bridal attire.

The beautiful shots are taking by getting rid of the imperfection during every preparation of the wedding. The candid’s are just a posing trend and not the authentic poses where the bride, groom or the family are just preparing for the wedding and the photos are the actual memory of the hustle and the making of the wedding. This is the original meaning of candid photography but in the new trend the concept is simply lost. In order to take beautiful pictures and to look picture perfect in every single photo has actually eradicated the original meaning and concept of the candid photography in India.

Weddings are happy occasions and the biggest day of everybody’s life, they are the time when immense emotional roller coaster is experienced. When such type of emotional outburst occurs one is not supposed to be insensitive towards the people and start capturing pictures for the sake of real candids. Though these moments are also supposed to be captured but not making the people uncomfortable. Hence, by keeping all these aspects in mind one should have the candid pictures clicked. Wedding photographs are frames of memories for a lifetime and they need to be taken in their original form and not just made up poses.