Ten Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer.

Wedding Photographer
  • Mansi
  • April 21, 2018

The main person in every wedding is a photographer. If the photographer is absent, your wedding is going to be captured just in the emotional memories and there is no way to revive those beautiful memories. On the best day of your life, you need the best-talented photographer who can document every little detail through the photographs. A professional photographer with great experience, talent, and high quality latest equipment is equally important in the wedding as the family. From the pre-wedding shoot to the wedding and reception every occasion needs to be captured as it is once in a lifetime memory. The attires, makeup, feast, guests, the location, decoration, the dances and most important the fun and emotions are all captured in the camera. After few years the only memories of your best day would be in the pictures. So, all we need to say is that a photographer is really important in all the wedding ceremonies.

As we spend a lot of money for two-three days celebration, many queries or doubts and nervousness arises to the people. Ten questions asked to a photographer areā€¦

1. What style or pattern do you specialize in?

A particular style or pattern that the photographer specializes in needs to be known as it helps us to give clarity of his work pattern.

2. Will the photos be edited in the term of color balancing and other faults?

In case of any faults in the color contrasts or bad lightings will the photos be edited to give better results.

3. When and how the solo and couple pictures will be taken before the wedding ceremony?

The couple needs to decide a particular time before the wedding ceremony starts to get their solo and couple pictures clicked. As there might not be sufficient time to get the perfect couple and solo pictures clicked.

4. Do you shoot both digital and film?

In this digital era, it is very necessary to know whether the pictures will be available in the digital form or also in the film/ hard copy. Having an album of your wedding might sound as a vintage trend but gives a special emotional feeling when you see it after many years.

5. What exactly is included in your packages?

The couple should be aware of the charges for every service received and the rate for each service should be noted.

6. How many hours of coverage will we get and are there any extra charges in case of overtime or extended function?

One must always have clarity of the charges and extra charges for any services that have to be taken.

7. Will the flash and the extra lightings affect the look of the makeup in the pictures?

Get the knowledge of the lightings so that the bride and groom know how and what to apply as the makeup, which should not affect the pictures later on and the look should be subtle.

8. How will the candid pictures be taken of the couple and the guests?

One must always have a proper knowledge of the charges of extra pictures and the candid photos as the photographer usually charges more for guests and candid couple pictures.

9. Are you personally going to cover the function or will it be one of your assistants?

You need to clear this as you might book a photographer seeing his work and later an assistant might not turn up to your expectations.

10. In case of any last minute cancelation from your side do you have any backup?

Always clear the point of a backup option available in case of any last minute cancellation from the photographer's side due to any personal issue.