Stories of Latkans,dentistry, Game of Thrones and Heritage but Above All, a Story of Friendship!!!

  • Mansi
  • July 26, 2018

What does your typical social media application show during and around the months of May and December? Bright clothes, fancy locations, cheesy captions, pictures of rings and jaimalas, honeymoon pictures and some more cheesy captions?

Well, one thing that needs to be well appreciated is the effort that some couples take in customizing their wedding shenanigans. Right from Kresha Bajaj embroidering her love story on her lehenga to Sonam Kapoor incorporating her and Anand's zodiac signs in her mangalsutra, we have seen it all.

But this story is not of an ordinary bride and a groom! The love that they share is deep and yet has a fun element to it. So they decided to let go of beaten to death ideas and came up with something fresh!