Prewedding Photography

Magical locations, Awesome and the unusual coolest places ever. Come aboard wedding storytellers and watch us turn your pre-wedding shoot, into a photo shoot that defines the meaning and reason to be in love and committed to your partner for the rest of your life. Couples today, acknowledge that a wedding is a lifelong affair, and everyone desires a unique pre-wedding photo shoot, that displays their affection for each other. Creating a story in every frame, we have a magical tale to tell that amplifies your love for one another.

Our professional photographer comes with transcendent experience and knowledge to capture the most treasurable moments and stunning high definition resolution. Our wedding photographer will interface with our client's couple and allow them to get comfortable when facing the camera, we love what we do and making magical moments like these, to last a lifelong walk down memory lane. We seize a glimpse of a couple's love chemistry and bring the feeling to life in every frame. We can capture all candid shot moments efficiently and show pleasant and natural imagery. Our developing team uses the latest technology, to highlight features that give vibrant colourful and artistic themes to your pre-wedding photography.

Uniqueness is only possible if you gear up with wedding storytellers. We are considered the best memorable pre-wedding photographer, simply because we identify the type of couple and traverse their personalities, to create the perfect theme and balance to amplify the couples true energy. You can get the perfect wedding album and scrapbook to mark an impression that will mesmerize anyone, leaving them with an ‘AWWWWW’ feel.

We offer pre-wedding shoots at the best locations, that make imagination reach beyond the skies. We are well known by our clients to make your pre-wedding shoot feel like you are already on your honeymoon destination and traveling to astonishing scenic places.

With every type of Indian Wedding comes a blend of diversified emotions, so we at wedding storytellers are dedicated to serving quality wedding photography to formulate a visual novel of love, joy, and whacky emotions. We just love to transform how couples feel about each other on to a pre-wedding portfolio, that confirms they are the perfect soulmates for each other.

We have traveled to the perfect locations and after identifying the couple's requirements and exploring their chemistry. we create the smartest candid symbolism, that envelops and defines the real meaning of true love. At wedding storytellers, we have a variety of new themes, that can boost the romantic authenticity of the wedding, leaving you with an immortal memory of love. Weddings are a pivotal sector, that unravels the magic of a couple endeavoring to start a new life with their loved one.

When you pick us to be the experts for your pre-wedding photography, we assure you an experience you won't forget. Simply have the most exciting fun and feel like a celebrity or a model, as we make your wedding album cover stand apart from others. Using high defined candid photography making them personal and distinctive to you. We have the flare to fuse modern and contemporary fashion in our framework and indulge in producing a love story that shares gossip, glamour, style, fashion, love and everything else that promotes how magical you feel about each other.