Why a Pre-Wedding Photography Session is Essential?

  • Mansi
  • April 17, 2018

An Indian wedding is always full of events, right from the day when the bride and groom first see each other, then a brief period of courtship and then the big day of ceremony which itself is packed with funs and events from early morning to midnight.

The day seems to end very fast like a sweet dream and leaves the couple only to relive those moments of excitements, joy, fear, fun, bewilderment and charm many times, both privately and with guests.

Because the moments are so special they need to be captured by special skills that recreate them in future with splendid wedding and pre-wedding photography.

A good and accomplished Wedding Photographer knows how to make a story out of those apparently discrete shots, like making a beautiful garland from the pieces of flowers. Selecting a professional wedding photographer is therefore no less important than choosing the bridal dress. Here are some insights into it.

Train your eyes or take the advice of somebody to draw the demarcation between average and classy.

Portfolio is the collection of works done by the wedding photographer -Take a look at the samples and ask yourself if you are enjoying the style, the level of photography, capturing of moments of special feelings and impacts, and their sequences to build a story.

Creativity of the photographer plays a very important role. A wedding is a fantastic array of colorful events with large number people as objects. A creative wedding photographer is an artist who will not only make good use of all the known items but can contribute with some surprise shots of some subjects, to take the whole experience to a different level.

Skill is the thing without which the creativity can't be articulated. Skill is about knowing his camera like his hand, use of light and lighting equipments along and other technical aspects. Skill is about swiftness of his fingers. Skill is about good editing of the entire shooting to present something extraordinary.

The wedding photographer must have excellent knowledge of Adobe Photoshop to help editing.

Personality of the photographer has to be compatible in general. A wedding is about gathering of many people of different age groups, temperaments and personalities.

An experienced and skillful photographer must be able to manage them well for some meaningful photo shoots and perhaps persuade them for some special poses.

In cases of pre-wedding photography it is somewhat easier to manage but still, it is the personality of the photographer that convince the newly met couple to shun inhibitions and shyness for the sake of good shooting.The success of the wedding photography depends to a large extent on how jolly and finger fast the photographer is.

Planning and professionalism are the two areas that indicate how organized the wedding photographer and his company is and how good is your chance of getting a quality job delivered to you in time.

It usually takes time in the post-production because it requires to individually open and check hundreds of photos taken, edit them and correct the color levels. A saggy approach or pressure from other assignments can put your job in the back seat.

It is good to research a bit to learn about the track record of the company before contracting them. Take your time to visit the offices of the companies you have shortlisted to have a feel of their capacity and also talk to the people they have served before. Congratulations in advance, I hope you have a dream wedding and will remember it forever.