Stories of Latkans,dentistry, Game of Thrones and Heritage but Above All, a Story of Friendship!!!

  • Mansi
  • July 26, 2018

Lehenga Latkan Story

Latkans were an underrated part of the wedding attire until recently. And since our bride is obsessed with minor detailing, she decided on taking in the hard task of customizing latkans to depict her love story…and how!!! (Also its pocket friendly idea which she can use anywhere as well.)

These latkans actually shows their love story of how they started as dentist-clinic manager to the happily ever afters. Bride says “We tried including things that are important to us as well as quirky and represents us in some way including a GoT reference!!! It was a huge hassle making these right from designing it myself, to finding the material to print on, to making latkans to attach them on. Pheww!” Yes yes, we know it's just a part of wedding attire but how creative is it to turn it into a symbol of love ?