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Don't permit anyone to tell you it's worth skipping wedding photography and videography. Post the wedding, those photos and films that you take will be the only existence of the beloved memory day, when you and your partner said your marriage vows an began your journey as a couple. At wedding storytellers, we believe in the essence of love. We capture visuals in still photographs and high clarity films to give a stunning finishing, using the latest in photography and filming technology. High definition progressive quality and crystal clear resolution are what we offer when you choose us for your most treasured day. Our mission is to capture every moment with family, friends and of course the charming couple. From tears of joy to exciting laughing moments, nothing gets passed our way. Wedding storytellers offer multiple angles capturing from our expertise photographer who clicks candid photos and the right moment. Wedding storytellers are a set of unique, experienced professional team that are perpetrated with passion and posses the nack and art in seizing the perfect candid imaging and filmmaking cinematography. We have a professional specialist, who works on the photos to give superb definition and sharpness breathing life into your memory.

Wedding storytellers deliver a signature style with fresh compelling imagery for any wedding or pre-wedding event bringing all the laughter and happiness in every photo of our blessed couples and their amazing families. Wheter you plan a transcending destination such as a beach, a wedding hall, a house of holy worship, or any theme ambiance you pick, we ensure that you become the superstar of the love story. Our brilliant candid imagery and videography blooms your wedding, documenting a unique story with real-life celebrations and merriment moments, We are based in Mumbai and have a team of highly experienced staff that give ultimate priority to your joyful day, simply because we know how important a day like this is for you and your family who celebrate the unity and merging of two individual families. Bringing new concepts to the table is our motto and transforming them into a beautiful wedding and pre-wedding love stories are our goals. Our diehard enthusiasm for photography and filmmaking motivates us to be innovative and creative at every event making every wedding shot glamorous and dreamy.

Wedding storytellers capture realistic imagery and filming to get the natural shot, without trying to prepare you for it by saying "cheese" or "smile". Your wedding event remains original and exclusive with beautiful composed artistic wedding videos and photography that can be shared and viewed by your family post the event preserving the matrimonial experience.

We believe that a wedding photographer’s job is not only to create beautifully composed, artistic wedding photos and wedding videos, but to make each couple and their guests feel comfortable. We capture perfect moments in natural light at outdoor settings and indoor filming or imagery in darker rooms. We bond favorably with our clients and ensure they are comfortable and enjoy themselves at the pre-shoot, bringing out their true personality and magical emotions earning your wedding shoot a visualized heavenly experience.