Golden Era Of Music

Golden Festival
  • Nihar Riddhi
  • Jun 7, 2018

"Kabhi kabhi mere dil me khayal aata hai ki jaise tujhko banaya gaya hai mere liye.." Isn't it amazing when you can feel each word and the music so soothing that it makes you fall in love yet again with the same one, such was the golden era of music “The 90’s”.

All the songs recorded then have been reprised so many times yet the originality and the feel hasn't changed yet. Starting from Rafi ji, Kishore Saab, Hemant ji to Lata ji, Asha ji each and every singer then gave out so many hit songs that you can't ever have enough of it. Even today's films are either mixing it with electronic music or using half of the famous phrases of these songs for their movies and unimaginably they are succeeding quite a lot of times in making more money. Such are the weddings now a days.

Almost all couples have their dream song to which they want their wedding movie to be based on. Such were Nihar and Riddhi’s wishes. As lovely as their story is their bond. Pure and serene, both completely in love with each other about to start a new journey. Their story wouldn't have been this extraordinary if not for Mukesh ji’s song “kabhi kabhi mere dil mein..” That's the power of the golden era of music.

It just adds a bit more a bit different glow to your life. And we do wish Nihar and Riddhi a happy married life cause “ jaise tujhko banaya gaya hai mere liye..”