Five Tips for Wedding Photography Lighting, From Preparation to Reception

Photography tips
  • Mansi
  • April 23, 2018

A wedding photography is a combination of portraiture, landscape and macro photography. Though the main aspect of a wedding photography is to have the perfect lighting from every angle in order to get the perfect shots. To capture every little detail without any faults is indeed a big task and cannot be achieved by all. In the wedding photographs the essence of light should be touching all the genres.

After a location is set and decided the hunt for proper lighting to suits the location starts. From the photos of the attire to be worn on the wedding to the shoes and makeup. Hence, the light set up needs to be done from a proper angle to take makes sure the pictures of the dress and makeup doesn’t change the original colors. Time always falls short when it comes to wedding preparations. The goal of very photographer is to capture a series of pictures within a short period of time and create them in the most memorable way.

The light that comes in natural form like the sunlight from the window works well as it makes the person standing next to it appear to be seen relatively smaller. It is directional. It is a constant light source and hence helps to get the pictures perfectly and in the same range without any changes of light in every photo.

For the ceremony the preference of light completely depends on the venue and where it is located. If it is in a closed area like a wedding hall it needs proper lightings with flash and lens on the stage. If the wedding is placed in an open area like a big ground the sunlight helps a lot and mostly the use of additional lights are not needed, which indeed helps to get the better and clear pictures in order to get the natural photos.

During reception the same rule is applicable depending on the location of the occasion being held. During the reception ceremony the lightings come to more usage as the reception is usually been held during the evening up to night. The natural sunlight light is not available during this time and the external lighting play a major role.

The preparation of wedding photography lightings isn’t as easy as it looks, one wrong lighting and it affects the entire photo shoot. Hence, it is very essential to be already prepared of changes in the lightings on the location. The weather is always likely to change and the sunlight may differ from day to day to even every hour. In case of any changes in the sunlight, the photographer needs to be ready with lightings and the flash that is suitable for the location.

Hence, be it the bride, the groom or the family and the photographer everyone needs to have an early preparation to be done to make it the most memorable and perfect day of the couple's life. The lighting set up isn’t the biggest deal but needs to be taken into proper consideration to get the perfect pictures for the perfect day.