Wedding Candid Photographer

The art of wedding candid photography revolves around capturing images of people, that are unaware of their picture being taken. Our experienced photographer is constantly on the prowl and spontaneously catches a scenic moment, without altering or giving any direction to the people and guest for a photo shoot. Our pictures on Wedding Candid Photography frames, our flawlessly clicked to capture perfect candid shots without blurs or double images. We can capture perfectly still imagery, even while people are in motion. At wedding storytellers, we love the concept of weddings and mingle well with the crowds, so no awkward moments get captured. A wedding is a blessing and we copy that emotion onto digital frames, leaving memories of your big day to last a continuance.

As precious as your relationship is, we create a story with every click of our candid photo to store in your wedding album, which you can share with your family and friends tearing up with emotions of joy and excitement. Wedding Story Tellers are well equipped with our own professional photographer and the latest gadgets and technology to cover pre-wedding shoots, bridal portraits, couple portraits, wedding theme shoots, candid wedding, Indian weddings, Christian weddings, etc.

We are based in Mumbai and are committed to vivid innovative photography, that amplifies rich, beautiful, phenomenal clarity and contrast. Our success in photography for more than 100 weddings has enabled us to capture real-time emotions to compliment the joyful occasion with jaw draping portraits, making it look like a movie shot from a Bollywood film. Wedding Candid Photography can never be expounded but instead felt. We captivate all aspects of a wedding to make a story come alive, no wonder we call ourselves wedding storytellers. With portraits that capture real anticipation, lushly filled with happiness, the feeling of tearful emotions and unexpected expressions of near and dear ones. We also prioritize on the couple to be, with every second observed to seize a perfect image to last a lifelong treasured memory. Our photography can express the real bond of love the perfect gaze of eye contact between partners. Wedding Candid Photography can perfectly blend natural character which is unrehearsed. We simply are artistic enough to embellish all your wedding remembrances. We promise to steal the most stunning looking pictures of the day by adding the most valued harmonized image and developing it within a quick time frame so you can view your experience and relive the moment.

Cherish every moment and weave a story of your special day, with perfect candid snapshots, that can even be posted on social media sites to be loved and appreciated by family and friends. We at wedding storytellers, have the best affordable deals and exemplify quality in are photographic candid styling, with a smooth steady photo shoot thereby embarking to attain the highest degree of modern and traditional weddings with snapshots to explode with vibrant colours and mixed complex guest emotions of your unforgettable occasion. Choose us if you wish to relive the moment everytime you take your wedding album or scrapbook out.